PM Modi receives warm welcome from Indian diaspora in San Jose (Update)

San Jose, Sept. 27 (ANI): The Indian crowd that had gathered at the Norman Y. Minte San Jose International Airport here to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed their delight over his vision and commitment for India.

“He not only has the vision but the ability to execute it, which is very important. Creating a shared vision, which unites all Indians and motivates them to move forward towards development, is very important. I am here because I love his work and his style of working. I want that India transitions from an emerging market to a developed country,” Parag Shah, who works for Proofpoint, told ANI.

He added that the Prime Ministers’ initiatives on start-ups was very motivating as the countries that progress the fastest are the ones that are ‘innovation driven’.

“This is the first time I would say that something is being done for India since Independence and that someone has laid down the vision and he is executing it very well. This is what excites everyone, especially in the overseas community that we have a visionary on the helm and we feel good about it,” another Indian Ajay Tripathi told ANI here.

Prime Minister Modi arrived here in California to much fanfare and was greeted by a large crowd of Indians chanting his name and waving banners and placards. He interacted with the people, shook hands and took pictures with them. (ANI)

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