PM Modi stresses on expansion of internet connectivity

San Jose, Sept. 27 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called for the expansion of internet connectivity across India, saying that he aims to connect the nation by expanding the public Wi-Fi hotspots.

“We are working with Google so that we can provide Wi-Fi connectivity at 500 railway stations like Airports. We will connect all the schools, colleges with broadband connectivity, expanding our public Wi-Fi hotspots,” said Prime Minister Modi while speaking here at the Digital India and Digital Technology dinner.

“We must ensure that technology is accessible, affordable and adds value to the life of the people in the country,” he added.

Modi also said that he recognises that the Digital India initiative cannot be built without bridging the digital divide that is there in the country.

“From large corporates to young professionals in this great centre of innovation, each can be part of Digital India story,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi also hailed his Digital India initiative as an enterprise for country’s transformation, on a scale which was unmatched in history.

“I now speak of M-Governance. That’s the way to go in a country with one billion cell phones, growing at double digit rates,” he added.

He further said that from the day his government has assumed office, it is committed to remove poverty by using power of network and mobiles to launch new era of empowerment.

Prime Minister Modi had praised the technological giants in the Silicon Valley for reducing the social barriers, saying that internet connects people on the strength of human values, not just identities.

“Social media is reducing the social barriers. It connects people on the strength of human values and not just identities. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are our new neighbourhoods,” said Prime Minister Modi. (ANI)

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