PM Modi vows to make Varanasi a ‘smart city’

Varanasi, Sept.18 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that he wishes to convert Varanasi into a smart city by bringing development in the fields of electricity, water and roadways.

“Electricity, water and roadways are the three fields we want to bring development in so that it can spread to entire Uttar Pradesh,” said Prime Minister while addressing a rally here.

“I have come to Kashi several times. But when I’m here, I look up to see wires and cables all over the city. Now, the transmission of electricity will be smart in Varanasi. That’s the first step towards making Varanasi a smart city,” he added.

“From the airport to Kashi, the people think they have lost the way. That is because of the condition of the route. We want to change that so that the moment tourists enter the route to Kashi they know they are entering a great city,” he further said.

Prime Minister Modi earlier inaugurated Integrated Power Development Scheme for the city here. (ANI)

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