PM Modi’s ‘Na Khaayenge, na Khaane denge’ statement a sham, claims NCP

New York, July 1 (ANI): Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has said that the Islamic Republic is battling extremists from around 10 countries and is making all the sacrifices ‘alone’.

Addressing a gathering of women activists, politicians and diplomats in Kabul on Tuesday, Ghani called for an ‘enhanced’ regional cooperation to address regional challenges. He also urged the international community to help Afghanistan in eliminating the militant threat, reported NBC News.

The statements came as reports broke of Afghanistan’s decade-and-a-half-long insurgency gaining ground and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) making inroads into the war-torn country.

Interior Minister Noorul Haq Ulomi claimed that fighters from Pakistan, various Central Asian republics, the Russian republic of Chechnya and the Muslim community in western China have all established bases in the northern parts of Afghanistan after being driven out of Pakistan. (ANI)

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