PM Trudeau looking abroad for ideas to tackle gun violence

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced that his government will look at best practices in other parts of the world for ideas on how to tackle gun violence in Canada.

He made this announcement while speaking in Toronto after the funeral service for 18-year-old Reese Fallon the victims gunned down in a July 22 mass shooting in the Danforth.

“And we’re looking at things that have been done around the world, things that have been done in other jurisdictions, looking at the best evidence, the best data, to make the right decisions to make sure that we are ensuring our citizens, our communities are safe into the future.”

PM Trudeau didn’t specify which countries would be the subject of a study on gun violence. Perhaps it will be Switzerland or Austria but then again one may look at how police in China, Brazil and Colombo deal with their gang problems. -CINEWS

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