PM’s website upgraded, made more informative

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New Delhi, Jan. 15 (ANI): With an aim of making Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s website more attractive and informative, it has been further upgraded making. The website now includes all the latest information about the works undertaken by the Central Government over the past 20 months.

The website acquired a new look of Friday, said a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prime Minister Modi also tweeted, “My website has an all-new look & remains a repository of information that would interest you. Check out”

“All-new is also very mobile friendly, so you can browse the site on your mobiles on the go,” he said in another tweet.

The website promises to bring to the reader all the latest information on the government, including a series of articles on the economy, Clean Ganga, Swachh Bharat, ‘Make in India’, the energy sector, among others.

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“Each article consists of the latest data and attractive imagery to corroborate the contents of the piece. In addition to this, all other information on Narendra Modi’s work as Chief Minister (Gujarat) and his good governance initiatives are found on the site. It is a comprehensive repository of all governance-related information about Narendra Modi,” the PMO statement said.

Apart from regular features such as news updates, the website has news updates, the Prime Minister’s biography, his profile and a selection of quotes from his speeches. A timeline listing the important events is a part of the site, which also offers an assortment of pictures and videos of the Prime Minister.

Fresh in content and attractive in design, the website will surely bring the Prime Minister closer to netizens. (ANI)

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