Poland to double investment in Punjab food processing industry

Mohali (Punjab), Oct 28 (IANS) Poland will double its investment in Punjab’s food processing sector, it was announced here on Wednesday.

Poland is offering the latest state-of-the-art technology for the food processing industry, besides evolving a new vision for agriculture growth for Punjab,” said Witold Jerzy Pietrewicz, secretary of state of the Polish ministry of economy.

He said Poland was quite enthused about the partnership with Punjab.

“With the agriculture growth of Punjab and technology of Poland, Punjab can become the food processing hub that can meet the processed food requirements of 50 percent of Asia,” Pietrewicz said.

Speaking at the two-day Progressive Punjab Investors Summit 2015, he said Poland was willing to double its investment in the food processing sector.

Pietrewicz stressed on the need to focus on advanced technologies in agriculture and food processing, research and development in agriculture besides organic farming.

He said Poland has signed a memorandum of understanding between Punjab and the city of Lublin to give a boost to business ties, especially in the agriculture and food processing sectors.

The Poland ministry delegation also announced that Poland and the Punjab Agriculture University in Ludhiana would intensify research and development activities in the food processing and agriculture sectors.

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