Police detain man responsible for Jet Airways bomb hoax

Jaipur, July10 (ANI): Police have detained the person responsible for the bomb threat which led to the grounding of the Jet Airways aircraft in Muscat.

Rahul Jain, DCP, West Jaipur, said Surinder Pratap, a resident of Ludhiana tweeted about the bomb threat out of curiosity and wanted to see the reaction to his tweet.

“We detained Surinder in the morning and interrogated him. We have informed the Mumbai Police and we have asked for a copy of an FIR, by morning a team from Mumbai police will arrive here,” Jain told ANI.

“Surinder was the person who tweeted about the bomb in the flight. He posted the tweet out of curiosity, he wanted to see what will happen if he posts such a tweet,” he added.

On Thursday, a Jet Airways aircraft flying from Mumbai to Dubai made an emergency landing in Muscat after a bomb threat was reported.

The flight was carrying 54 passengers and seven crew members. (ANI)

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