Police need evidence to respond to home burglar alarm calls

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After too many false alarms, Toronto police have now taken a decision that going forward, they won’t be jumping into their patrol cars and speeding over to respond to burglar alarms unless they get a better confirmation of criminal activity or a threat to personal safety.

Recently an internal study showed that 97 per cent of home security system activations in 2016 were false alarms. This is a terrible waste of resources and manpower. A huge waste of money.

Given the other priorities facing Toronto police, like gang violence, gun violence and the likes, it doesn’t make much sense chasing false alarms all day and night.

Instead of that, more front-line police officers on the street will bring peace in neighborhoods wracked by gun violence.

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An internal review also found that a whopping 75 per cent of all false alarms were caused by the user, according to the Canadian Alarm and Security Association.

Before Monday’s change, two “fully armed officers” would attend an alarm call at a home if the resident simply asked their security company to send them.

What this means really is that the police will come to your rescue only if you dial 911 and shout frantically. Otherwise your false alarms will simply go on the answering machine. -CINEWS

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