Police partner with Abbotsford schools to counter gang menace


Things are getting out of hand and the police have now decided to step into schools. The Abbotsford Police Department and the Abbotsford School District are reaching out to the South Asian community by co-hosting a community forum on how to deal with the menace of gangs.Abbotsford
Held earlier this week the ‘Forum for a Healthier Community’ focussed on informing parents and concerned citizens about violent incidents and serious crimes that have taken place in West Abbotsford. Incidents involving young people have increasingly dramaticall.
The forum discussed ways for parents to work with their school to help young people choose a better path.
There is a strong connection between students’ achievement and positive parent involvement in schools. Students tend to achieve better, and are engaged in more positive behaviours when their parents have a positive relationship with the teachers.
The Abbotsford Police Department and Abbotsford School District believe immediate action is needed. There are things parents and the community can do to help children and help put an end to this serious public safety issue.

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