Polish parliamentary election starts

Warsaw, Oct 25 (IANS) Polish voters began casting ballots on Sunday in a general election to elect a new parliament comprising a lower chamber (Sejm) and a higher chamber (Senate).

Over 30 million citizens are eligible to vote nationwide, reports Xinhua news agency.

About 8,000 candidates are running for 460 seats of the lower chamber and another 400 for 100 seats of the higher chamber.

The party-list system of proportional representation is used in the parliamentary election in Poland, which is divided into 41 constituencies, each with seven to 19 seats depending on the size of the constituency.

The candidates in the current election represent eight different political parties registered in all constituencies in Poland, and another seven parties registered in one or more constituencies.

To enter the parliament, a party must obtain at least five percent of all votes casted, while party coalitions would need at least eight percent.

The Polish Election Commission plans to announce the official results of the election on Tuesday.

The tenure of both the Sejm and Senate is of four years.

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