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Politicians using scare tactics to get your vote

By Sabrina Almeida

For nearly 40 days leaders of the major political parties have tried to sell us their grand plan for moving Canada forward in the next four years. Their approach has been regressive to say the least. With each one spewing a plethora of empty promises and invoking the fear card to appear as our only salvation.

Andrew Scheer wants to save you from another four years under a reckless, unethical and entitled Trudeau.

The Liberal leader, for his part, made multiple references to Ontario’s unpopular premier Doug Ford to conjure up the Conservative nightmare (with 4 times the cuts) we will have to endure if Scheer wins.

Elizabeth May warned of the apocalypse of climate change which could see us all burned to dust and is therefore our sole priority.

Then after weeks of claiming to be ‘fighting for us’, Jagmeet Singh suddenly spoke of the possibility of a coalition government with the Liberals to stave of a minority Conservative government… but later walked back his support !??! (Is he really “in it for you” or him?) Trudeau conveniently ignored Singh’s friendly gesture warning Canadians that the idea of an NDP government is as ‘scary’ as a Conservative one. For him, no doubt! But one wonders if he too will walk this back having conceded that Scheer could win… and should he need the NDP’s support to form government.

They all wanted to put money back in our pockets. From where I’d like to know??? Chances are we will be coughing up more than we receive in many other ways. Like through higher taxes and deficits. Oh wait! Deficits will be taken care of by future generations, so we needn’t worry about running up the tab.

If there is something to fear, it is all the free stuff politicians promise on the campaign trail. We know from experience that nothing is really free. Take healthcare which is our most expensive ‘free’ service. Changes and cut backs have begun thanks to all the misuse. A family member recently learned that a surgery previously funded by OHIP will now have to be paid for by him. Tag on Jagmeet’s national pharmacare and dental plan and our tax-dollar-funded system could soon become unsustainable.

Don’t smoke the pipe of free post-secondary education that Singh promises either. Ontario colleges and universities are already up in arms about Ford’s 10% cut in tuition fees. How will they make ends meet? Government funds and higher taxes? Or better still, open the flood gates of international students. A college professor I met shared that 50% of enrollments in his institution were currently foreign students. So, what would make Jagmeet’s plan sustainable? Perhaps 75% or 80%?

While parents and students in Ontario cry foul about Ford’s student loan reforms, the truth is that it was overdue as this too was being misused by families that are part of an underground cash economy. As more than one scammer advised me –the government pays you to earn less rather than more, so get with the program.

With there being no clear choice in this federal election, selecting which devil to vote for is a painful one. I would have liked to submit an empty ballot in protest but I’m not sure it would have made a difference. Besides, abstaining means letting others decide for you. So, I chose the best of the worst not knowing where I would mark the ‘x’ till I went behind the screen of the advance polling centre. I’m glad my agony is over. I was hoping it’s not a majority government (because no party deserves it) till Jagmeet Singh designated himself kingmaker. Does my vote really count then?

As disillusioned as many of us are, we must still exercise our democratic right. So, make an informed choice based on the candidate and party’s track record and policies. Don’t be swayed by their empty promises or influenced by ethnic and religious groups either. Vote for Canada! -CINEWS


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