Poll shows massive support for beer and wine in supermarkets


A new Forum Research survey found 64 per cent approve of the provincial government’s looming decision to expand such retailing to supermarkets. Only 30 per cent disapproved of beer and wine being sold by grocers and 6 per cent did not know.
Using interactive voice-response phone calls, Forum surveyed 881 people across Ontario from last Monday to Wednesday with results considered accurate to within three percentage points, 19 times out of 20.bottles-of-alcohol_apr2
The pollster also asked where Ontarians would buy their beer after the changes are made official in Finance Minister Charles Sousa’s upcoming budget.
Almost one-third — 31 per cent — said they would get their suds at the supermarket compared to 20 per cent at the privately owned Beer Store and 18 per cent at the government-run Liquor Control Board of Ontario with 29 per cent saying they wouldn’t shop at any one place most often.
In terms of wine, 41 per cent of respondents said they would shop at the LCBO, 24 per cent said the supermarket, 10 per cent at a privately owned Wine Rack or winery store, and 22 per cent at no one particular place.
Just two per cent didn’t know where they would buy their beer or wine.
The Liberals will auction off the licences to sell beer and wine with no one supermarket chain allowed to buy more than 25 per cent of them.
It is high time adults in Ontario get treated like responsible adults who can pick up their beer at a more conveniently located supermarket than exclusively at the Beer Store or LCBO. It is unlikely that people will be tempted to drink any more than they do now.

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