Pollution control vessel handed over to India Coast Guard

Surat, Dec. 10 (ANI): A Rolls Royce designed pollution control vessel named CGS ‘Samudra Pavak’ was handed over to India Coast Guard on Wednesday. This was the third and the last vessel of its series launched by a private ABG Shipyard company.

The ship is propelled by diesel electric system with maximum speed of 21 knots and endurance of 6,000 KN miles. It is equipped with modern oil pollution control equipment.

“This ship is used for marine pollution at sea and this is the first of its kind in South East Asia which ABG Shipyard has delivered. This is the third one.Because it is fitted with all kinds of equipment which are used for marine pollution control containment and recovery,” said a senior official of the company, Narendra Kumar.

The equipment onboard is used for containment, recovery, separation and dispersal of pollutants. High tech control systems enable simultaneous tasks to be performed by a single operator. The vessel is fitted with latest pollution control equipment including two rigid sweeping arms enabling it to contain oil spill.

The vessel is designed to recover the lightest to the most viscous oil at the rate of 300 tons per hour. The contaminated water can be pumped on board and analysed in a laboratory. The oil can then be separated and held in storage tanks of 300 tonnes capacity or 1000 tonnes in inflatable barges which can be towed behind the vessel to free up deck space. The vessel is also equipped with fire fighting and salvage systems.

The 94 meter long pollution control vessel also has a helipad and two life boats for safety. (ANI)

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