Pope in New Year address calls for overcoming ‘indifference’

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London, Jan. 1 (ANI): Pope Francis in his New Year’s address today called on the world to fight misery, injustice and violence by overcoming indifference.

According to the Guardian, the pontiff made his address amid tight security with the security checking people’s bags and about 10,000 people passing through airport-style screening to get into St Peter’s Basilica and hear him celebrate the mass.

“We ask how long human evil will continue to sow violence and hatred in our world, reaping innocent victims. We are witnessing hordes of men, women and children fleeing war, hunger and persecution, ready to risk their lives simply to encounter respect for their fundamental rights,” the pope said.

The 79-year-old Pope in his homily urged the people to overcome the ‘torrent’ of misery by “building an ever more just and fraternal world, a world in which every person and every creature can dwell in peace, in the harmony of God’s original creation”. (ANI)

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