Portland hails Narendra Modi’s push to make India a ‘Soft Power’

Portland, July 16 (ANI): Portland Communication’s Soft Power Index report has hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push to make India a “soft power”.

Portland Communications has listed many indices and metrics, following Joseph Nye’s three pillars of soft power: political values, culture and foreign policy, one of which is to construct a top 30 country list in terms of soft power within these three pillars.

The report on the Soft Power Index is a first of its kind and is being carried by top publications like the Economist.

Although, India does not feature in the top 30 country list this year, the report states that with Prime Minister Modi at the helm, India is a country to watch out for in the next few years.

They have also included a special essay on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his contribution to soft power through digital diplomacy and mentioned various initiatives taken by him on social media.

The report has taken into account the fact that Prime Minister Modi’s Facebook Page has more engagement than any other world leader, and has beaten Obama’s engagement levels on social media. This despite Obama having over 43 million fans as compared to Modi’s 29 million.

It also mentions that whenever Modi visits a foreign country, leaders of that country get an increased number of likes on their page.

For instance, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s video got the highest number of views owing to its connection to Modi.

Furthermore, the report hailed the Prime Minister’s MyGov, Digital India, Clean India, Incredible India, Selfie with Daughter and Yoga Day campaigns on social media. (ANI)

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