‘Powerful American Political Alliance’ opens membership drive

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The Powerful American Political Alliance (PAPA) website has commenced its initial membership campaign with a goal of obtaining at least 10 million members for its election year 2016 membership.

The singular objective of the alliance is to assemble the unified voting booth power of a very large bloc of courageous American citizens sufficient to compel candidates and elected officials, under threat of election defeat or impeachment, to solve painful lingering economic problems and thus create long overdue opportunities for economic prosperity for the scores of millions of Americans who are still struggling in the wake of the Great Recession.

PAPA’s perspective is that today’s candidates, governing officials, and political parties have failed to succeed in the task that matters most to Americans: creating policies which truly facilitate opportunities for economic prosperity for all citizens, to aid us in securing and comfortably retaining a living-wage private sector job or running a business without eliminating the prosperity of any American or class of Americans.

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The website warns that without an active mainstream citizens alliance holding politicians to the task, our economic problems will most likely remain unresolved and grow worse.

The alliance concentrates on issues that are predominantly economic and has no typically political position on social issues other than keeping kids safe from drugs and as it relates to managing our population numbers.

Candidates chastised

PAPA also chastises candidates and government officials who focus mostly on social issues during campaigning via their divisive rhetoric that carves Americans into social-issue segments at the expense of our allied power to effect economic change.

“Too many candidates cynically pander to our emotions for votes, manipulatively exploiting our unresolved childhood hurts via social issue diatribes left and right about race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and the like that simply do not address our priority economic needs,” complains PAPA founder, Homer Stinnett.  “Our website admonishes people to stay focused on their economic issue priorities and not fall prey to social issue rhetoric that could disrupt our ability to achieve our American dream of economic prosperity.”

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The Powerful American Political Alliance website distinguishes itself as follows:

  • Unaffiliated with any candidate, government official, or organization.
  • Mainstream centrist orientation; not ideologically left or right wing.
  • Public section reads like a best-seller book, eloquently informing about economic problems, their solutions, and choosing supportive candidates.
  • Features intelligently crafted pragmatic solutions to chronic economic problems for implementation by government officials.
  • Membership is open to American citizens of voting age and eligibility, costing $5.00 per person for the period ending June 30, 2018.
  • Member’s section lists government officials who endorse the alliance.
  • Members can earn straight commission by finding new members.
  • Money collected is used to keep the website functioning in accordance with its objective, and is not donated to any candidate, government official, or political organization.
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The alliance does not endorse any candidate or government official.  “If they want our votes, they must endorseus, not the other way around,” says Stinnett, “and they have to perform to our satisfaction in implementing our economic solutions.”

No matter who wins national, state, and local elections this November, the Powerful American Political Alliance website plans to be positioned to exert pressure on government officials throughout the years to do their job in the best interest of the individual economies of American citizens. – PRNewswire

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