PPP urges Pak Government to take notice of Indian shelling

Santirbazar (South Tripura), July 7 (ANI): To improve the quality of journalism, both in print and electronic media, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) organised a one day workshop Vartalap (Rural Media Workshop) for journalists of South Tripura and Gomati Districts of Tripura.

Vartalap is part of the PIB’s media outreach strategy and is aimed at sharpening resourcefulness among journalists.

The workshop also intended to strengthen the interface the between government and the media organizations and journalists working at the grassroots level.

Around 80 working journalists participated in the workshop held at Shantibazar aimed at building direct interface between the PIB’s regional branch offices and the journalists working at district and sub-district levels.

Lectures were delivered by experts and resource persons on various topics related to the contemporary rural media scenario catering to the professional requirements of rural journalists.

Attempts were made to make the journalists aware of their responsibilities and the role that they are expected to play in a mixed society like Tripura.

Experts enlightened the participants about their experiences while working in rural settings, especially in a disturbed area.

It will also help PIB building up a data base of the journalists working at district and sub-district levels. So that the PIB releases can be sent directly to them.

The Press Information Bureau is the nodal organisation of the Government of India for dissemination of information about its policies and programmes. (ANI)

By Pinaki Das

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