Prabh Srawn declared dead after two years missing

CANBERRA, Australia

On May 13, 2013, Prabhdeep Srawn, a 25-year-old strapping young Canadian Forces reservist and an avid outdoors enthusiast went on a bushwalk in the Snowy mountains, southwest of Canberra and was never seen again.
Over the next few months, his close-knit Brampton-based family made every effort to find him. They financed search and rescue missions and did everything possible to find him.
Now just over two years after Prabh went missing, a coroner in that country has declared him dead.
“Nobody has evidence to (prove) that our beloved Prabh is not alive but we are aware that there is a massive area not explored so far,” according to a statement by the Srawn family submitted to the Australian inquest. “Our belief and conviction are that Prabh is right there. Miracles do happen.”
They had offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who found him.
The coroner however in her more realistic report concluded that it was more than likely that a fatal combination of bad weather and a rugged terrain was responsible for his death.
She concluded his death was by “misadventure.”
At the inquest he was described as “fit, reliable and nature-loving,” and someone who enjoyed a physical challenge.
Can-India reached out to his cousin Ruby Sahota the Liberal candidate for Brampton North but she was unavailable for comment.

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