Prateik Babbar tells the truth on his battle with substance misuse

On-screen character Prateik Babbar is cheerful to start life on a fresh start.Speaking openly about his battles with substance misuse to a source, he said,I realized I wasn’t being true to myself and the people who loved me.prateik-503

They didn’t know the real me. For the last five years, my life was full of trouble and rebellion. But now I want people to know who I truly am and love me. I never wanted my fans to think I’m perfect. Now, I have a clean slate.”

Prateik  trusts that his encounters will help other people, who are having comparative issues, to step to improve things. . “I only hope this encourages people to do the right thing and learn from my mistakes. It’s important to not experiment with your life. I want them to know that turning to drugs or alcohol is never the answer. I hope I have made that clear,” he said..  – CINEWS

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