Premier Wynne for community consultation on cannabis store locations

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It is now apparent that the location of many cannabis stores in the province will spark community protests and concerns going by some of the more recent controversies over cannabis store locations. However, Premier Kathleen Wynne is not sure how consultations on the province’s cannabis stores came to this stage but going forward she is ordering that school boards have a say in where the outlets can be located.

This change of heart comes after discovering that three of the four communities where the first shops are slated to open had no input, Wynne said she’s instructed the Ontario Cannabis Store to go back and talk to them, and to make sure that happens for all future site decisions.

In some strip mall locations, it is feared that children from nearby schools who go to these strip malls for snacks or lunch will be exposed to these cannabis stores and even cannabis users who may be standing around having a smoke.

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However, there is no way one can avoid such exposure and this sort of exposure to stores doesn’t mean that youth will start to feel pressured to try it.

For example, there are LCBO stores that are walking distance from some Mississauga schools and high school students regularly pass them by, would the sight of an LCBO or people holding booze bottles be a negative influence on them? Some might argue yes, but then again, going by that logic there should be no signs outside any LCBO stores or no beer and wine in grocery stores.

Cannabis stores in the years to come could be just as ubiquitous as LCBO stores and there is little one can do to shield children from their physical presence. Perhaps the Cannabis promoters should partner with school boards and preach to children the ill-effects of medical marijuana. That should go down well. – CINEWS

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