Prepare to pay $75 for illegal parking at Pearson

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The temptation to park on the roadways leading up to the Pearson terminals is very real, especially if the person you are picking up is minutes away. But that could prove to be a costly mistake because you could be likely hit with a $75 “mobile payment notice” in the mail.

Two cars equipped with cameras are now cruising around the terminals taking pictures of the license plates of vehicles parked in a no-parking zone.

And the reason why it is being called a mobile payment notice and not a fine or ticket is technical. Parking tickets are issued by the city municipality but parking tickets issued at Pearson is on private property and so it is a private payment.

What seems to have sparked off this latest onslaught on illegally parked vehicles is that airport has become and continues to become busier by the day. Traffic is increasing, more passengers means more people being dropped off or picked up and traffic congestion could be a horrible prospect for anyone trying to make a flight on time.

Police are also issuing a warning to ‘scoopers,’ or unlicensed taxis that cruise around the airport, often parking illegally.

Vehicles can still pick up and drop off passengers curbside at terminals. Drivers can park at the curb at the terminal once passengers have called to say they’re ready to be picked up.

To avoid congestion, there are areas where you can park your vehicle for a short period and maps are available to show the locations of two cell phone parking lots where drivers can wait for passengers to call for pick up at Pearson terminals.

The GTAA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority) website encourages drivers coming to pick up family and friends to wait at one of the airport’s two cellphone parking lots, about a five-minute drive from the airport terminals. The GTAA website states they are free, safe and convenient, so there is “no need to circle the terminal if you’re waiting for someone to arrive.”

New signage is going up at the airport to direct drivers where to go. The two cellphone lots are on Network Road. They can accommodate a total of 266 vehicles. Drivers must remain in their cars while they wait. The spaces are designated for short term parking only.

While many people will be tempted to dismiss this $75 “mobile payment” as another money grab initiative, it is important to know that it will deter illegal parking and improve traffic flow and the added stress of getting to the airport on time. -CINEWS

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