Preserving classical art forms through interactive art

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New Delhi, May 24 (IANS) An exhibition by 200 students of the Delhi Collage of Art aims to preserve the traditions of unique classical art forms – also called interactive art.

The “14th Art Carnival” comprising some 600 paintings is on at the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), Rafi Marg till May 26.

A painting by Ritika Verma of a distorted female form engrossed in her thoughts brings across a woman detaching from the past and embracing the present.

“Every dimension holds a different space in my subconscious mind. Various lines in the painting show my perception of the space. The frames in the background relate to her past memories,” Verma said, adding: “The objects in the foreground are related to her present life in which she is deeply attached.”

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Artist Viintii Aggarwal explained her colourful work, saying: “Colours have vibrations that are powerful enough to affect our moods and emotions.”

She said she made use of earthy, subtle yet soothing tones to evoke a calming effect on the viewer without repeating any two forms to avoid patterns and monotony.

“The human brain seeks routine as it is comfortable and involves less energy to operate with, with the passage of time. Subtle yet varied colour tones impart a sense of variety to the various forms I create,” she said.

A painting by a group of three artists (Mansha Bedi, Shashank Shukla and Deepti Budhiraja) remarkably depicts the loss of the humane angle from humanity.

“In this age of mindless communication and pseudo virtual friends, we’re all suffocating. No race, no sex, no colour is sacred. We’re running in a tangled mess that couldn’t be bothered with what lies outside the box,” the artists explained.

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“Some crave for enlightenment, trying to find a way to untangle from the commercialism that surrounds us. And then there are those, to whom our theories seem philosophical. We are millennials, wild, untamed, to be free,” they added.



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