Pressure mounts on PDSB to take down Pride flag

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A Brampton mother Pam Wilkinson is urging Peel District School Board to take down the Pride flag as it ends up creating separate factions within a community.

Representatives from churches in Mississauga and Brampton recently presented a petition signed by 3,000 people asking about the Pride month celebrated with flag-raising and ceremonies at its schools in June.

They say that the raising of the flag ends up making faith groups feel belittled and disrespected.

Another point of contention is that students were forced to participate in the ceremony and had to silently stand by while a ‘song was played that attacked Christianity and the Bible.’

The song referred to is Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, which contains the lines “If you preach hate at the service/those words aren’t anointed/and that holy water that you soak in, is poisoned.”

The issue about raising the Pride flag has been a contentious one, it also leaves people with strong religious beliefs in a dilemma. On one hand they want to be inclusive and ensure the LGBT community is not discriminated against based on their beliefs and lifestyle, on the other hand, they also don’t want to be forced to celebrate a lifestyle that goes against their religious and personal beliefs.

Many parents believe that raising the Pride flag in schools ends up pressurizing children to celebrate something that they are not comfortable with in the first place. Teaching everyone in schools to respect the LGBT and accept them for who they are is one thing, celebrating an alternate lifestyle leaves many parents, especially new Canadians feeling a little queasy. -CINEWS

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