Presto fare cards to be available at Shoppers Drug Mart

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Given the ubiquity of Shoppers Drug Mart locations all across the GTA, it is only natural that Metrolinx reached a deal with Shoppers Drug Mart to sell Presto fare cards through the company’s stores.

These fare cards will initially be on sale at 10 Shoppers locations in Toronto in the next few weeks and depending on the outcome it will be rolled out in more locations.

Presto users will be able to buy cards, load money onto them, and check their balances at Shoppers stores, with the help of a mobile point-of-sale device that Metrolinx developed earlier this year.

Customers will also be able to set child, student, and senior transit discounts on the cards.

It will be particularly useful for senior and student Presto users, who until now have had limited options to set up discounted TTC fares on their cards. Special seniors Presto cards are currently available at a limited number of Gateway Newsstands, but riders otherwise have to go to TTC headquarters at Davisville station to enable their cards for senior or student discounts.

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Other transit systems in the GTHA, including GO Transit, have already implemented the Presto system, but the TTC has yet to complete the transition.

Actually Shoppers Drug Mart locations are ideal spots for customers buying Presto because just incase their blood pressure increases due to the price, they can then simply mosey over to the pharmacist who will prescribe/suggest another less painful pill to swallow. CINEWS

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