Previous Bigg Boss challenger Pooja Misrra ASSAULTS shopping store staff!

Mumbai, October 13 (CINEWS): Previous Bigg Boss housemate Pooja Misrra has been blamed for ambushing the staff of the main store in Delhi.pooja-mishra-141011

Pooja Misrra, who is likewise a model and a TV performing artist were discovered on camera whipping the staff at a retail chain in Karol Bagh, West Delhi on Sunday, according to the police articulation. Not just did she beat the staff, she additionally took out her firearm and undermined to shoot them. Unusually, no case has been enrolled yet.

This episode happened when the model lost her temper after a warmed contention with a client. “Why the model lost her temper is yet to be checked. We have recouped the CCTV footage of the occurrence. The matter is being examined,” said the authority.

This is not the first episode the disputable celeb had gotten her. A couple of months back, she got into a contention with the staff at Hotel Taj Dwaraka for declining to pay the bill for every one of the things she had softened up the lodging room she was staying in. She even attempted to slap the staff, furthermore attempted to break the portable of one staff who was recording the whole episode, who was later blamed for attacking her! At the point when this video became famous online, she reprimanded Sonakshi Sinha and her mom for releasing the video!

Since she has not transformed her ways, how about we trust that the producers of Bigg Boss 9 convey her once again into their show to make the present lineup of dull contenders all the more energizing!

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