Prime suspect pleads guilty to second degree murder

Brampton, December 4. 2015 (CINEWS):  With his two little boys begging him not to hurt their mother, Jatinder Dhaliwal put a gun to his wife’s head as she lay on the floor of their Brampton bedroom, and pulled the trigger, a court has heard.

The court trial of Jatinder Dhaliwal who murdered his wife Lakhvir Dhaliwal in front of their 8 and 9 year old boys in 2012 began this week.
It may be recalled that Jatinder was a heroin addict who shot his wife one night after she hid his heroin and refused to give it to him.
Jatinder Dhaliwal, 44, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the 2012 death of his wife and a sentencing hearing will be held Dec. 15.
Lakhvir was shot seven times by her husband of 12 years – in the arm, the chest, and one final bullet to her head, according to the agreed statement of facts.
After an attempt to clean up the scene, Jatinder Dhaliwal put the gun in his wife’s left hand, collected his passport and $2,000 cash, got into the family car and drove off, throwing the bullet casings into a nearby sewer as he left.
His 9-year-old son called 911 at 5:20 a.m. and said his mother had been shot. He was told to do CPR, but it was too late.
The couple argued over his drug use for months prior to what culminated in murder.
Lakhvir Dhaliwal’s adult nephew, Harwinder Boparai who also lived in the house vainly attempted to stop the fight, but when he saw the gun, he fled the house and went looking for help.
Neighbours recalled Lakhvir was an attentive and involved mother who used to take the children to karate, soccer and swimming lessons and always sat on the front porch in the summer watching them play. Domestic violence is a very real problem in many communities and is made worse by the culture of silence and the fact that many victim are reluctant to get help until it is too late. Ꮠ

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