Prince William and Kate take sides in Brad-Angelina divorce

Prince William and Kate

Good friends Prince William and Kate are devastated about the divorce.

There is much unrest at Kensington Palace as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge come to terms with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce.

How it directly affects the lives of William and Catherine is anyone’s guess, but OK! Magazine is certain that they are just as cut up about the split as the rest of us.

Perhaps even more so.

It turns out that William and Catherine were “absolutely devastated” when they found out the news on September 20th.

The couples go way back, having enjoyed tea together one time in June 2015. This makes them practically best friends.

And like best friends, Bill and Cath “plan to send private messages of support to both Brad and Angelina when things settle down in the media,” according to a palace insider.

When it comes to choosing sides, what will the Duke and Duchess do?

Apparently William is on Team Angelina because of her humanitarian efforts, and told Catherine that he “thinks they should cut off ties with Brad.”

Catherine, it’s alleged, took this to mean that William has the hots for Angelina, and is not amused.

“Kate’s not so sure and is suspicious that William’s very obvious crush on Angelina is coming into play.”

Her Royal Highness, though aware of the child abuse allegations, has a soft spot for Brad and therefore “can’t bring herself to believe Brad would ever hurt his kids intentionally.”

“She and Brad really connected over his love for his kids and she can’t fathom what’s being said to what she really knows,” said source added.

OK! really wants to make this fab foursome happen.

Back in May, the tabloid claimed that Catherine was working overtime to set up playdates for their kids, and girl time for her and Angelina.

A source told OK! that Catherine and Angelina would be on the “phone for hours and sent lots and lots of emails” discussing going to the ballet or even just down to the local pub.

Now, such plans are nothing more than shattered dreams.

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