Private skill training centres are ‘worse’ in India

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New Delhi, Aug 25 (IANS) Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Secretary K.P. Krishnan said on Saturday that private skill training centres in India were in a “worse” condition.

Speaking on ‘Emerging Skill Development & Regulatory Ecosystem’ in the capital, the bureaucrat said: “Learning skills is not about acquisition of knowledge in classrooms, it is actually doing things in the work place, not merely doing things in a laboratory.”

Krishnan, a trained economist who worked with World Bank and various governments, has authored many reports and published many academic papers.

He said that there are about 14,000 National Council on Vocational Training (NCVT) affiliated Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in India, out of which 84 per cent belong to private sector.

“Private ITIs are worse in India compared to government ones, as they lack quality labs and equipment,” said Krishnan.

He urged the government to make a serious intervention as attempts to reform these training centres have not succeeded much.

The bureaucrat said that the private sector in India does not take the skill training certifications seriously.



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