Priyanka Chopra: Marriage is certainly on the cards..

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The 34-year old is a powerhouse of intelligence and beauty ! She has quite recently begun shaking Hollywood, and you may think she has no time for love and marriage!

However, Priyanka reveals and admits that , she wants to get hitched. Be that as it may, just for one reason! Hear it from her:

“I have always wanted babies. Lots of them. For that reason I want to get married, It is not fair to bring a child to this world without marriage. Society is mean like that. I want to get married but no one can claim me until someone really claims me. Marriage is ¬definitely on the cards, but will happen when the time is right. It will happen when it is destined to.”

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Peecee’s mom likewise shared:

“Today, I see numerous relationships are breaking apart. People don’t have the patience  to give each other and their relationship so much time and to see it support. So when Priyanka reaches that stage when she has the time to nurture her relationship and give it the attention it needs and demands, she will get married. It’s not like you have reached a certain age and now it is time to get married. That’s a wrong basis for marriage.”

Indeed, don’t we wish that we as a whole had mothers that way???  “CINEWS”

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