Priyanka Chopra’s ex Aseem Merchant separations himself from Prakash Jaju’s biopic

Mumbai, October 29 (CINEWS): Priyanka Chopra’s ex and previous director Aseem Merchant has acted the hero after her ex-secretary Prakash Jaju, lashed out at the star with a progression of tweets. Aseem, who was supposedly making a biopic on Prakash’s life as a VIP administrator, took to his long range informal communication handle to set the record straight.priyanka aseem

In his note, he confessed to being a piece of the venture, however just considered it a ‘fascinating film’ idea. He further goes to say that after the arrangement of occasion that put the biopic in the terrible light, he has retired the thought. Aseem likewise says that he would never need to hurt or miracle Priyanka as she is one of the “most delightful” young ladies he has ever known.

In his note, he said the accompanying:

The tweets of Mr Prakash Jaju are untrue, extremely exasperating and in awful taste I’d like to clear up here that nor am I in contact with him nor some portion of any of this negative movement , I was drawn closer to deliver the film ’67 days’ his biopic and thought it would make an intriguing film around a celeb chief and his voyage however separated myself from this scene in the wake of seeing it being blown into another heading and have retired the thought for all time of making that film, as I’d never need to hurt or surprise Priyanka as she’s one of the most delightful, most persevering and family situated young lady I’ve ever known I generally wish her the absolute best!!

Prakash, who had been beyond anyone’s ability to see for quite a while, as of late hit back at the performer with a progression of belittling tweets and pictures of daily paper articles. In his tweets, he blamed PC for taking part in an extramarital entanglement with a wedded performing artist, 20-years her senior furthermore missed out on some of her privileged insights.

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