Priyanka Chopra’s Madamji rescheduled, not racked: Madhur Bhandarkar

Mumbai, September 18 (CINEWS):¬†Following the time when she assumed the power packed part of a super model in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion, Priyanka has imparted an awesome bond to the executive. Furthermore, since the time the executive declared his next directorial Madamji with Priyanka, the pair has been talk of B-town. Later, their fans got a stunner when the news of Madamji being racked was out. Yet, all the more as of late Madhur dispelled any confusion air on Madamji.prianak

Madhur Bhandarkar affirms that all is well in the middle of him and Priyanka Chopra. He further expressed, “In spite of the inability to dispatch Madamji, the mathematical statement in the middle of Priyanka and me has not changed one bit. We are still in agreement with respect to our next film together, Madamji. The reason the film got deferred was on the grounds that PC was occupied with Quantico shoots and was always transporting in the middle of Mumbai and Los Angeles. Indeed, even I was occupied with Calendar Girls, so we couldn’t begin the film. I need Priyanka’s dates at a stretch in light of the fact that I need to complete this film at one go, in a legitimate succession. Priyanka couldn’t give me dates and along these lines, I rescheduled this venture. Madamji will be astounding. It speaks the truth a thing young lady who makes an attack into governmental issues. I have included a great deal of references from genuine UP legislative issues.”

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