Probe funds of NGOs repeatedly petitioning SC, NGT: Parrikar

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Panaji, April 8 (IANS) Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday said that funding of NGOs who repeatedly petition the Supreme Court and National Green Tribunal should be probed.

“Who is paying them the money to travel to and fro? Who is funding these litigations? Someone should enquire,” he said while speaking at the foundation ceremony of a new bridge being constructed across the Rua de Ourem creek here.

Parrikar said that he had also been a litigant in the apex court and that roughly the cost of each hearing at the Supreme Court incurs a cost of Rs.5 lakh, while the cost incurred at the National Green Tribunal is around Rs.3 lakh to Rs.5 lakh.

“I was reading the central Lokayukta bill and it is there. NGOs will (now) have to show an account for the money they have received. Everyone should be accountable,” he said, suggesting that some litigants were keen on making money by raising legal obstacles.

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Parrikar also warned a section of the media with defamation, claiming a news channel had been screening videos quoting an activist about how much money had been taken by him when Goa chief minister.

“There is a TV channel and without realising that it is a sure-shot defamation case, it makes allegations about how much money has been eaten by me and how. And your channel people show this… I am used to it now. Anyone can say anything to politicians. I will not use the phrases they use because I am defence minister now,” he said.

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