Projectiles launched from Gaza to Israel despite ceasefire

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Jerusalem, July 15 (IANS) The Israeli army intercepted one of two missiles launched on Sunday morning from Gaza, despite a ceasefire being reached earlier between Palestinian militants and Israel.

Israel has not responded to the firing, which violated the ceasefire agreed on Saturday night for a second time, reports Efe news.

“Following reports regarding sirens in Sderot, two rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israel. The Iron Dome aerial defence system intercepted one of the rockets,” the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) tweeted.

At around midnight, the Islamist movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad announced an agreement to stop the escalation of tension in recent hours.

The Israeli army warned on Saturday that the “IDF is acting against Hamas-led terror activity along the security fence. The IDF will intensify its strikes in Gaza if deemed necessary”.

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Hamas militias fired about 200 rockets from early Friday to Saturday, while dozens of Israeli retaliatory bombings were launched against military targets of the movement that governs Gaza, leaving two dead in the Strip.

In Israel, three people from one family were taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries as a result of Palestinian rocket fire.

Police asked citizens to go to shelters if anti-aircraft sirens sounded.

In Gaza, the ministry of health reported that one ambulance was destroyed and nine were damaged during the bombings, as well as three medical supply trucks and two vehicles.



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