Protein-rich diets make you feel fuller on fewer calories

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Washington D.C, Mar 4 (ANI): For those of us who have the habit of binge-eating, opting for protein-rich diets can do wonders, according to a new study.

For years, many diets have been claimed to be safe and healthy ways of shedding those extra kilos, but now the brand new official analysis has confirmed that increased protein consumption really does make us feel fuller.

In the study, researchers conducted a systematic review of the evidence on the effect of protein intake on perceived fullness and confirmed that protein does, in fact, make us feel fuller.

The recent popularity of low-carb, high-protein diets can partially be attributed to the fact that dieters often feel fuller when protein intake is high, even if they are consuming fewer calories overall.

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Lead investigator Richard D. Mattes said that a good deal of evidence suggests that protein activates satiety hormone release and so should be most strongly tied with fullness ratings, but individual studies are often conducted in small populations or with different approaches that can make interpretation of results challenging. The study combined multiple experiments to confirm the presence of an effect.

“Feelings like hunger and fullness are not the only factors that influence intake. We often eat for other reasons. Anyone who has ever felt too full to finish their meal but has room for dessert knows this all too well,” explained Mattes.

The exact amount of protein needed to prolong fullness as well as when to consume protein throughout the day is not resolved and their study did not determine this, said University of Missouri’s Heather Leidy.

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The study appears in Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. (ANI)

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