Protests against ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’ in UP

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Mumbai, Feb 8 (IANS) Controversial film “Darling Don’t Cheat”, which had grabbed headlines for its sensual trailer and ‘nude trip’ contest, has run into trouble with protests against it in Uttar Pradesh.

A group of people, largely comprising women, burned posters of the film in the middle of the street near the Meerut district collectorate.

They also wrote a letter to the Meerut district authorities to ban the film.

The protestors claim that the portrayal of women in the film was disrespectful, defies the rich tradition of the country and instigates people against Indian culture.

But what really prompted them was the ‘nude trip’ contest that the filmmakers have initiated, which the protestors said was unacceptable.

Directed by Rajkumar Hindusthani, the film features Ram Gaurav Pandey, Ashish Tyagi and Neha Chaterji, and is slated to release on March 11.

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The protestors chanted slogans like “Rajkumar Hindusthani Hai Hai” and against the film, demanding a ban not just in Meerut, but in the entire western Uttar Pradesh.

Police arrived at the venue and there was an altercation with the protestors.

“We shall ban this film. We shall lock the theatres running this film,” District Magistrate Pankaj Yadav said.

Shocked at the demonstration against his film, Hindusthani said: “We are well within our rights legally and morally to carry out the contest.

He said the district magistrate’s statement “is contrary to the censor board, as the censors have already cleared the film’s release”.

“Regarding the movie, there is nothing objectionable with regard to the depiction of women. And the competent authority — the censor board — has cleared our film.

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“We will not worry about fringe elements in the society who instigate innocent people to demonstrate against the movie with ulterior motives,” he said.

Students of various colleges in Meerut were among those who took part in the protest.

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