Provide incentives for small business to hire immigrants: Govt. report

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This week a media report revealed that there is a government report existence from the PMO calling for government grants to be used to incentivize small businesses to hire immigrants.

A policy paper called “Feminist Government” calls for small and medium-sized businesses to partner with government to help immigrants get a job using what they call a “Social Impact Bond.” The idea comes from a division of the Privy Council Office, which reports directly to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

This plan if implemented will see small and medium-sized businesses working closely with the government and using money to make sure immigrants, especially immigrant women, not only get their first job but are promoted, or as the report says, experience “job laddering.”

“Under the Social Impact Bond model, the government and employers, with input from stakeholders including job agencies, would first agree on the specifics of what a successful outcome for an ‘initial hire’ or ‘job laddering’ would look like,” the report reads.

“A monetary value would be assigned to each outcome, to be paid to the employer on completion, and a third-party evaluator would monitor the number of successful outcomes.”

While this is laudable, many critics of such policies say that it will end up forcing businesses to make hiring choices based on ethnicity. It could also end up making immigrant Canadians with tenure feel discriminated against because they just happen to have lived in the country a long time. – CINEWS

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