Public representative kicks woman in Telangana

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Hyderabad, June 17 (IANS) In a shocking incident, a block-level public representative in Telangana kicked a woman after she hit him with a ‘chappal’ over a land issue on Sunday.

Mandal (block) Parishad president (MPP) Immadi Gopi kicked the woman in full public view. The video clip of the incident which has since gone viral on social media shows A. Rajavva falling on ground after the public representative kicked her in the chest.

The incident took place in Indalwai block headquarters in Nizamabad district.

The woman and her family members were staging a protest in front of Gopi’s house over the delay in handing over the possession of a land they had bought from him.

The family had purchased the land for Rs 33 lakh about 10 months ago but Gopi did not hand over the possession of the property and demanded an additional Rs 23 lakh.

Rajavva and her family members had been demanding him to honour the original agreement by handing over the property. The two sides had a minor scuffle last week.

The family again approached Gopi with their request. When he refused to listen, the woman picked up her ‘chappal’ and slapped him. He retaliated by kicking her in the chest. The woman’s relatives then pushed down Gopi.

Police registered a case against Gopi for the assault. A police officer said they will conduct an investigation before taking further action.



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