Public security ministry honours Tianjin firefighters

Beijing, Sep 12 (IANS) China’s public security ministry has honoured 24 firefighters who died in the Tianjin warehouse explosions and vowed to award them golden medals for their sacrifice for national defence.

During a meeting held on Saturday in Tianjin, Yu Jianhua, director of the fire department of the public security ministry, announced the decision to honour the firefighters of the Tianjin public security fire brigade. Xinhua news agency reported.

Two blasts ripped through a warehouse on August 12 in Tianjin port, where large amounts of toxic chemicals were stored. A total of 165 people, including 99 firefighters and 11 policemen, were killed in the blasts. Eight people are still missing.

Among the 99 firefighters, 24 were under the public security department and 75 were contracted with the Tianjin Port Co. Ltd.

The civil affairs department of the Binhai New Area has vowed to compensate and recognise all who died.

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