Put bowl of fresh water for birds: Goa forest minister

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Panaji, April 13 (IANS) With summer lurking around the corner, Goa’s Environment and Forest Minister Rajendra Arlekar on Wednesday appealed to people to start putting out bowls of water for birds and stray animals to save them from dehydration.

“With temperatures soaring day by day, the heat would be at its peak in May. Therefore, there is a need to rescue the speechless birds and animals before several of these are hit by heat-stroke, mostly pigeons and a high number of kites,” Arlekar said in a public notice issued by his office.

He especially asked people look out for kites, who he said tend to dehydrate easily.

“As these birds fly at high altitudes, (they) face a bigger risk of being affected by sunstroke. Most kites fall due to dehydration. If someone finds such a bird, the best thing to do is to give it water,” Arlekar said.

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The minister said a bowl of fresh water should be kept out for birds 24×7.

“I appeal to all citizens to keep water bowls for birds, stray dogs, cats and pets outside their houses, terrace, balconies as well as shops in earthen pots. Metallic vessels may be avoided as they (become) hot quickly,” Arlekar said.

Arlekar in the recent past had to face flak for his ministry’s decisions to de-categorise the coconut palm as a tree and a move to declare wild pigs and certain species of monkeys as vermin.

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