Putin lays out top national security tasks

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Moscow, April 22 (IANS) Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday outlined the top national security tasks for the country’s armed forces and security services.

The priority tasks are in line with a new national security strategy approved by Putin last December which mainly aims at strengthening Russia’s defence and protecting sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

The strategy also aims to ensure Russia’s status as “one of the leading world powers, which seeks to maintain strategic stability and mutually beneficial partnerships in a polycentric world.”

In laying out the tasks, Putin said Russian troops should develop operation skills and strategy in training, snap inspections and combat missions, according to a Kremlin statement.

The president promised the most modernized armament would be supplied to strengthen the Russian armed forces.

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Putin also urged all law enforcement agencies to increase their efficiency in investigating and preventing crimes, and to speed up the fight against corruption, particularly in the defence fields.

He also urged Russia’s border guards to monitor and “put an insurmountable barrier” to smuggling, illegal migration and transnational crimes.

“Reliable security of the country directly depends on the competent work of the Foreign Intelligence Service,” Putin said.

The Federal Security Service should work consistently and competently in order to put an end to activities of foreign intelligence agents inside Russia, according to the statement.

The newly created National Guard, which has the task of fighting against arms trafficking, terrorism and organised crime, could work together with other state departments, he said.

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