Pyongyang test-launches ballistic missile

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Pyongyang, Aug 25 (IANS) Top leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has guided a successful test-firing of a strategic submarine-launched ballistic missile, media reported on Thursday.

The test-firing, which was conducted at a high angle in the maximum launching depth, reconfirmed the stability of the SLBM (submarine-launched ballistic missile) system, the starting character of the high-power solid fuel engine and phased flying kinetic feature, Xinhua quoted KCNA as saying.

“The core technical indexes of the ballistic missile including the reliability of the phased heat separation and the control and guidance system and the working accuracy of the warhead in the re- entry section perfectly met all requirements for operation,” it added.

Kim was satisfied with the result and expressed gratitude to the officials, scientists and technicians in national defense and munitions factories for their efforts to develop the SLBM technology.

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Kim said the test-firing has proved the Pyongyang “joined the front rack of the military powers fully equipped with nuclear attack capability.”



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