Quentin Tarantino slams ‘extortionist’ Disney for ‘Star wars’ move

Melbourne, Dec. 18(ANI): Dubbing Disney as “extortionist,” Quentin Tarantino has accused the company of trying to force his new film ‘The Hateful Eight’ out of LA’s famed Cinemarama Dome to favour the latest ‘Star Wars’ flick.

In an interview, the 52-year-old director said, “They are going out of their way to f*** me, adding that his upcoming film, ‘The Hateful Eight,’ was due to play at Hollywood’s famed Cinerama Dome starting on Christmas Day, News.com.au reports.

The ‘Django Unchained’ director further said the move to push out his Western in order for Disney to extend its run of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ through the holidays was “vindictive, mean and extortion,” he added.

The filmmaker pointed out that he did not have a problem with director J.J. Abrams or any of the cast and crew of ‘Star Wars,’ but blamed top executives at Disney for the “extortionist practices.”

Tarantino’s forthcoming flick, starring actors Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson and actress Jennifer Jason Leigh among others, will hit the US theaters on December 25, 2015. (ANI)

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