Radhika Apte feels that she has not turned that much famous !

Indeed, even in the wake of doing movies like ‘Badlapur’, ‘Hunterr’and ‘Manjhi: The Mountain Man’ and demonstrating her acting ability in a Sujoy Ghosh’s short film ‘Ahalya’, where she played an exotic, sensous wife of an old man who tempts other men, Radhika Apte feels she hasn’t became that famous “radhika

“I haven’t turn into that well known. On the off chance that a couple people remember me in the city, on the off chance that I am in a decent state of mind, it’s fine. Else, I am bad at this. I’m a space cadet, I’m normally doing my own thing,” she was cited as saying in a report by The Hindu.com. Radhika is not somebody who likes public attention.

Indeed, even her wedding with British artist  Benedict Taylor was a little gathering with 50 people . She says in the report that she didn’t wear a wedding dress with the goal that she wasn’t the focal point of consideration. Furthermore, she gets marginal disturbed with outsiders needing to bring a selfie with her since she has a pretty face, expresses the report. “This person came and let me know he needed a photograph with me. It was amid the advancements of Manjhi and I was truly depleted. I took a gander at him and requesting that he name three movies that I have done. He said, “Madam, Fair and Lovely ad .”

I don’t like the fact that people are attracted to the field for glamour,” she was quoted as saying. But constructive appreciation is always welcome. For example, a Customs officer at the airport once told her that he remembers her from Tu and guy in the medical shop complemented her about Garbo, both plays that she had done sometime back. “It makes me think, yeah, we have something to talk about. I can sit and chat with him for 15 minutes. Because I can see that he has seen my work and actually wants to know more about it. And I would love to know about his,” she was quoted as saying. “CINEWS”

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