Rahman responds to fatwa against him, says his choice to make music for Iranian film was made in compliance with common decency

Mumbai, September 15 (CINEWS):A R Rahman on Monday night responded to a fatwa issued against him by a Mumbai-based Sunni Muslim bunch for making music for Iranian movie producer Majid Majidi’s film “Muhammad: Messenger Of God.”rehmann

In a post on his Facebook page, Rahman said his choice to create the music for this film was made in accordance with some basic honesty and with no aim of bringing about offense. “I am not a researcher of Islam. I take after the center way and am part traditionalist and part patriot,” Rahman wrote in his one-page explanation on his Facebook page. The announcement had a few quotes from the Quran like: “Nothing should ever transpire with the exception of what Allah has appointed for us.” Rahman said, “I didn’t direct or produce the motion picture ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’. I simply did the music. My profound encounters of taking a shot at the film are extremely individual and I would lean toward not to share these.” He likewise looked to remind his spoilers about the common resistance for confidence that existed among groups in the Indian sub-mainland. “We are in fact lucky and favored to live in a nation like India where religious opportunity is polished and where the point of all groups is to life in peace and amicability sans perplexity and savagery.”

My choice to create music for the film was made in accordance with some basic honesty and with no expectation of bringing on offense,” he included.

Mumbai-based Raza Academy started a fatwa against the Iranian executive of the film, Majid Majidi, Rahman and other colleagues of the film. Rahman reviewed a meeting given to a diary by Raza Academy part Saeed Noorie who had said that “it was basic for Muslims to make a move as it was against the religion, so that later when they confront Allah, they would not be reprimanded by Him for doing nothing to prevent this from happening.”

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