Rahul Gandhi’s nap; explanations and responses

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Rahul Gandhi caught napping on Lok Sabha TV

The Congress Party  was left embarrassed after pictures and videos emerged that showed Rahul Gandhi apparently sleeping while Parliament discussed atrocities against Dalit youth in Gujarat. It also became the talk of news hour debates on national television.

Congress members and online fans, however, rushed to defend Rahul.

One Congress supporter Tehseen Poonawala claimed that it was a meditation technique. He wrote on Twitter: “FYI dear media and BJP – RG is into meditation & one of the best ways to listen to a speaker is to close your eyes, breathe and hear. As someone who does Vipasna – I know that Rahul Gandhi was NOT sleeping – there is a breathing & listening technique.”

Here are the other responses on social media:

  • How blessed he is – he is able to sleep even while at Office-I cant sleep even when I am supposed to:
  • I really appreciate the one who made him to sleep. Good for nation, parliament & people.
  • He was only closing his eyes to get some moisture – outside it is so hot…when he came to Parliament so when he was in,he just closed his eyes for a moment’s –  Congress sycophant Renuka Choudhury.
  • Reply from a Dr. Suri: Does RahulG come walking in sun 2 Lok Sabha? His car doesn’t have AC? Ma’m come with better defence…
  • The truth is that he sleeps 14 hours in a day. His sound sleep is good for nation.
  • Sambit Patra, BJP – Rahul Gandhi himself is a non-issue; his sleeping is not at all an important issue .
  • Rahul and responsibility are not made for each other; Rahul is made for relaxation
  • Please don’t make fun of Rahul Gandhi sleeping in the Parliament. This is his best contribution to the nation.
  • I don’t blame Rahul Gandhi tor sleeping in Parliament. Long & boring speeches by MPs can put any child to sleep.
  • Honestly, he is a kid who wants to enjoy dynasty fortunes earned over 6 decades with lot of fun, frolicking and gfs
  • Poor Chap, he was watching Chota Bheem whole night!
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Or he was just thinking about his next vacation destination? – CINEWS

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