Rahul Khanna likes to play character of a crook

Rahul Khanna...

Rahul Khanna says he is open to trying new things.

Actor Rahul Khanna says he likes to play the character of a crook at least once in his lifetime.

Rahul  who acted in films like Earth and Bollywood/Hollywoodis is currently hosting NDTV Good Times’s TV show titled The Mavericks, which explores the world of whiskey.

He said that he doesn’t take up a lot of projects as “he can’t be in two places at the same time”. Rahul said that he is open to trying new things, and a lot of factors could influence him to pick his projects.

“I am open to new things. I could like the script, the character or the people who are making the movie or the commercial aspect of it. So, many factors,” he added.

Rahul featured in the Indian version of TV show 24 in 2013, in between starred in the American show The Americans as Yousaf Rana. Last seen on screen in the film Fireflies in 2014, he said he would love to portray a role like that of a “jewel thief”.

“I would love to do something historical, some sort of a crook, like a jewel thief,” Rahul said. Does he want to be someone like Dev Anand?  The original jewel thief in Hindi cinema is Dev in his 1967 spy thriller. – CINEWS

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