Rahul lampoons PM Modi over frequent foreign visits

Bhubaneswar, Sept. 11 (ANI): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Friday lampooned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign trips, by alleging that the latter was now enjoying travelling the world after many nations had lifted the ban on him, giving him the freedom to travel frequently.

“Prime Minister says ‘I went abroad’ but we don’t know where he goes, maybe he is travelling so much because earlier he was banned and now he has got the freedom to visit foreign countries,” said Gandhi.

Criticising Prime Minister Modi for favouring the businessmen, Gandhi said, “If you do something good for the rich, then it is called development, but if you do something good for the poor, it is called as a charity.”

“When we waive off the taxes for the poor they say its anti-development, but when they give five times more than that amount to a businessmen it is called ‘development’,” he added.

Attacking the Centre for not doing enough on financial front, Rahul said ‘this government is puzzled on global economic situation’.

“Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says it is a ‘temporary phenomenon’, I would like to ask him, when this temporary phenomenon would end?” Gandhi said.

“The global prices of oil have come down but the prices of fuel have not been decreased. It is on you to decide where the money is going,” he added.

Gandhi also pointed out that development has to be for everyone including the poor, the backward and not just for a select few and stressed that his party would strive for the development of the underdeveloped. (ANI)

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