Rahul slams TN Govt. as ‘liquor lobby loyalist’, assures to always work in ‘public interest’

Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu), July 23 (ANI): Launching an attack against AIADMK and DMK leaders for being a loyalist of the liquor lobbies, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday assured people that the Congress would always work in their interest, irrespective of their class, caste and gender.

Addressing a rally here as part of the birth celebrations of former Tamil Nadu chief minister K. Kamaraj, the Gandhi scion said: ” It is a special honour for me to be here with all of you in Tamil Nadu today. We have gathered here to celebrate one of our great leaders, K. Kamaraj’s birth anniversary: Some people here might still remember the feeling of hope and excitement as they went to school for the first time. Other people might remember the relief they felt when they got jobs and were able to live a better life because of Kamraj ji.”

“No matter who you are, a farmer, dalit, tribal, minority, woman, rich or poor, Congress will help you, will work in your interest. Today in Tamil Nadu, your leaders are not listening to you. I will tell you why they are not listening: They are not listening because they believe they have power, they believe that because they have power they don’t need to listen to you. I want to remind them that it is when they are in power that listening becomes most important. But there are some voices they listen to, the voice of the liquor lobby,” said Gandhi.

“We will listen to the families torn apart by liquor, we will come up with a new liquor policy after listening to what you have to say. We will listen to the families torn apart by liquor,” he added.

In an interaction with the farmers here in Tamil Nadu, Rahul Gandhi discussed farmers’ issues including the Land Bill that has become a major matter of debate between the NDA and the opposition.

The Congress vice-president was on a one-day visit to the state. (ANI)

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