Rahul, spoilt child of Indian politics: BJP

New Delhi, Sep 28 (IANS) The BJP on Monday termed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi “a spoilt son of Indian politics” while seeking to know the reason behind his attempts to “hide” his visits.

“The way Rahul Gandhi is playing hide and seek about his tour, it is difficult to believe that he is attending an event in Aspen as claimed by his office,” Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson M.J. Akbar said here at a press conference.

“Instead of posting the picture of an “alleged” international conference he should have explained what he was doing there. Gandhi tries to hide his visit. It is this behaviour which has made him a spoilt child of Indian politics,” he added.

The party also reacted sharply to the Congress’s personal attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling him not being a responsible son and not inviting his mother to his swearing-in ceremony as prime minister.

“The opposition party has become the voice of untruth, malice and utter frustration. Modi is devoted to his mother, who still lives in a ‘Kutiya’ (a small hut). He touched her feet after the election victory. The opposition party gets personal by making such remarks and one should keep away such relations from politics,” Akbar said.

“This is in contrast to the Congress, where a mother has ruined the party for her son and trying to ruin the country for her son,” the spokesperson said, referring to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

He said the Congress leadership was unable to see that Modi was raising the prestige and prosperity of the country.

The BJP spokesperson said the “prime minister’s ongoing visit to the US made a good impact”. “The prime minister has a vision for 125 crore people of India to lift them out of poverty and (to) turn their dreams into reality.”

Taking a dig at the Congress, the spokesperson said the opposition party would always try and take credit for everything done by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government.

“The Congress will take credit for everything… (they will say) somebody in the Congress did all this before,” Akbar said, while talking about various schemes launched by the BJP government.

Taking a jibe at the Congress party’s habit of claiming credit for everything, Akbar said: “I’m waiting for the day when the Congress takes credit for creating the garden of Eden. I think that’s the only thing they have not taken credit for.”

Clarifying that Modi’s interaction with world leaders and the Indian diaspora on foreign soil was not a waste as was being claimed by the opposition party, Akbar said there was a theme to the prime minister’s initiatives.

“There is a theme to the prime minister’s initiatives and the theme is of course the security of the nation. Today, what he said on terrorism is a powerful and definitive stand taken by him on behalf of the nation. So there can be no hypocrisy over its interpretation,” he said.

The BJP leader said Modi was trying to raise, through the use of modern technology, the economy of undernourished parts of India.

Earlier in the day, the Congress accused the prime minister of “misleading the country by placing wrong facts and figures before it”, and said he was in the habit of projecting whatever the country had achieved till now as due to his own efforts.

“We would like to tell him that India was not born when he took over as the prime minister in May 2014,” senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said at a press conference, adding that there had been many leaders and people who actually took the country to its present heights.

“For Modi, it’s I, me and myself,” said the Congress leader.

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